Alive and Much Better ;)

Hi Everyone! You are probably in shock to see an entry from me ;) The last year has been a rough one but has finally come to an end. My absence, my delay in shipping and my out of character traits is all reflected on the major changes that have been occuring in my life. My divorce is in the works finally. We have been separated for over a year and have not lived together for that long. I have changed employment and residence. Boy do I hate moving!! Finally, I have unpacked everything out of boxes including my oils so I can fill orders and ship now. I am concentrating on that today. I have met a wonderful man who is a firefighter. We are now living together.  My ex moved in with a woman who was a client of ours on the SAME street - go figure!

I have decided to come back to LJ - I think of you all very often and I truly miss this part of my life. I hope nobody thinks I up and left them. I was lost myself. I have a ton of photos to share but wanted to get a post out there and give everyone a virtual hug!!!

Caity's Bday Party/BPAL/Website

 What a beautiful morning. It is a beautiful breeze from the Tropical Storm that is far enough away. This is the first day that I have opened my windows up to bring fresh air into the house. It feels like fall now. This is my favorite time of year.

Caitlin's birthday party was a blast. 15 kids showed up and they bobbed for apples, did the donut eating contest, played The Circle of Truth and The Dress up Game (think hot potato except its with a bag full of silly clothes). 7 girls ended up staying the night and then last weekend another 5 girls stayed the night. I think I  have officially gone insane!! This weekend though Caity is spending the weekend with a friend as it is her birthday, so I can get a

My website is officially up and running. I am thrilled with it. I am turning my back room that was an office into an official "work" area for my perfumes. Painted the walls a soft lavender....... got a new desk..... going to have a long wrap around counter, shipping, blending, packaging stations. I have finally found some suppliers that have quality pure oils that smell true and not imitation or plastic. Unfortunately, I have a gazillion bottles that I won't use because of the quality. I haven't decided what to do with these. Ebay maybe? I am reformulating all of my blends with these 2 new suppliers oils. 

I got invited to share a booth with a lady  in November at some festival so I will have my perfumes there ;)

Have decided to sell/swap off my BPAL and other etailors scents that do not work on me. After 2 years of being active in perfume. I know what notes do and do not work on me. I think I have tried every  BPAL scent out there or pretty darn close. Beth's perfumes are gorgeous and if you haven't tried any let me know and I can send you a sample, just let me know what notes you like or dislike. I have more than enough of it ;)
Going to post in the lj communites and on the forum to swap/sell and whatever is left - it goes on Ebay. There are alot of BPAL and other etailor scents I want to try so hopefully I can swap for alot on my wishlist.

Does anyone know what happened to ava luxe? Why are they taking  a break?

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I hope all the littlesones have a great Halloween and be safe!!

I am back!

 I am back! My computer crashed and I lost everything.... I mean everything!!! I got a new computer yesterday so I am now back online and can function again normally. I know I had some sales/swaps pending. I had no information  to ship/fill orders. I do now and no worries packages are being shipped today. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Attention Fellow Bpalers!!!!

I have been sooooo good about buying any BPAL for MONTHS now. This update is breaking me down  though. Last night, I was reading the bpal forum about notes people like/dislike and it got me to thinking. I know mostly what I like but I went through and made a list of all of my BPAL favorite scents, looked up the notes what is in them and realized that my favorite notes are without a doubt:

Amber, Red Musk, Saffron (which shocked me), vanilla, ginger, sugar cane, chamomile, dragons blood, white sandalwood, tea, bamboo, lavender, labdanum, king mandarin, myrrh, wisteria (had no clue), honey, patchouli (which everyone seems to dislike), lily, petitgrain (another surprise), tonka, vetivert. There were more but these were the ones that kept repeating in the blends I like from BPAL. This was alot of fun to do yesterday ;)

Where was I? Oh yes, Beth's phenomenol update!!!!
I have NO extra money to spend on this update so I am selling off some of my most beloved BPAL. For years, I was trying to hoard everything whether I liked it or not. Now, I have learned what I do like and realize what I will never wear and to stop being so damn greedy....LOL

I priced these on how much I spent on them. Many were Ebay and yeah the prices there go crazy.
I don't want to take a hit on these, simply break even so I can go buy from the lab before the update is gone.
The trick and treat names/descriptions are the Best!! I would love to grab one of those.....

Shipping $2
Paypal: cc and non cc to :
My feedback
As always, I will send LOTS of goodies. Usually I send at least 3 extra decants of something.
If you purchase something, put a link to your wishlist with your comments that way if I have something you are looking for ;)

RARES: (decants)
Agony :Loss:
4.75ml - $25
Dead Man's Hand 1/2  $7
Formula 54 1/4 decant $10
French Creole 1/2 $6
Hearth 2005 $8 includes bottle
Hellion $8
June Gloom 1/4 decant $4
La Fee Verte $8
Shub old version $10
Sagittarius $8
Snake charmer decant $10
Thunderbird bout 1/2 decant in bottle $8
Trick 2 Bottle $45 (shipping included)
Trick 2 Decant $8
Whipporwill $8
Yog Sothoth $7

Blood Moon Decant x2 - $6
Buck Moon $10
Chaste Moon  $10
Cold Moon 2004 $10 (includes bottle)
Fruit Moon 2005 decant X2   $8   ( or will sell 2ml for $17)
Flower Moon 2005 X3 $8   ( or will sell 3ml for $25)
Harvest Moon 2004 decant $10
Harvest Moon 2005  decant $10 (includes bottle)
Holiday Moon 2006 $7 approx 1ml and bottle
Milk Moon 2005 X4 $10(  or will sell 4ml for $40)
Pink Moon 2005 $10
Storm Moon $10 (includes bottle)
Wolf Moon 2005 $10
Wolf Moon 2006
x5 - $4 (or bottle for $20)

Harder to find:
Aries $5
Bats Blood
$4 x5 (or full bottle $16)
Black Ice 2006 Yule 4.75ml $20
Herr Drosselmeyer $6
Lucy Westenra full bottle $15
Meskhenet $4
Parliamont of Monsters x5 $4 (or full bottle for $18)
Pumpkin Queen: $6
Smut 2006 $6
Smut 2007 $6
The Rat King x5 - $4 (or full bottle $18)

Baba Yaga
: $8
Kweku Anansi

Alone 1/2 $5
Cerberus 3/4 $6
Carnivale 2005 $7
House of MIrrors  2005 $7 includes bottle


Chaos Theory1,2,3 Decant Pack : $10
( includes Chaos Theory I : VIII, Chaos Theory II :CDLXIV or CCCXX Chaos Theory III: DCCCIV

FREE Sniffies (one per person with order):
Samhain 2004
Trick or Treat
Dark Delicacies x2
Australian Copperhead
The Castle
The Candy Butcher
Tell Tale Heart
hungry ghost moon
enraged grndhg msk
dr john seward
pumpkin qn
mb: underpants
thunder moon
red lantern
snake charmer

Hmmmm what else can I offer..... Artiztic Oil Perfumes 5ml bottles are $8  instead of $12 till Wednesday.

I have a gazillion Chaos Theory decants (at LEAST a 100):   tell me what you would like or if you want them make offer:
(picture coming soon)

and if you are looking for any gc's here is my regular sales post

For the curious..... I want many of them but I am being realistic.
Sooooo..... I really want:

The Atrocious Attic: child's perfume and the remnants of a dried, crumbling bridal bouquet: tea rose, violet, white sandalwood, French lavender, and Calla lily.thank you xel_ko and fizzgig_bites

The Death of Autumn:
Dark amber, dead leaves, khus, saffron, bitter clove, chrysanthemum, camellia, galangal, and a drop of oud. thank you fairnymph, xel_ko

Rose, black cherry, carnation, fig, honey, plum, and black currant.   Thank you whsprsatmidnght and burning_bryght

Pumpkin with tobacco champaca flower, carnation, and tonka. Thank you

Pumpkin with benzoin, bourbon vanilla, lemon peel, neroli, blood orange, and red ginger. thank you

Then the General Catalogs that I don't have to grab now: (mostly for my own reference)

Kubla Khan:
roses unfurl amidst dancing waves of serpentine opium smoke and amber tobacco, golden sandalwood, champaca, tea leaf, sugared lily, ginger, rich hay absolute, leather, dark vanilla, mandarin, peru balsam, and Moroccan jasmine.
 Thank you
</a></b></a>flowersoffilth  and </a></b></a>alethea_eastrid

Schrodinger's Cat: - tangerine, sugared lime, pink grapefruit, oakmoss, lavender, zdravetz, and chocolate peppermint.   Thank you

Event Horizon: child's perfume and the remnants of a dried, crumbling bridal bouquet: tea rose, violet, white sandalwood, French lavender, and Calla lily.  Thank you

Troll: This is a gruesome blend of ghastly greens and blacks: vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, black basil, clove smoke, and scorched cumin.



Computer crashed - have had no access. I had 2 viruses. Got it back yesterday, still not working properly but does let me online for awhile then locks up. Sometimes will reboot and others not. The desktop is also screwed. Will only run in last known configuration. If I HAVE EMAILED YOU ATTACHMENTS CHECK YOUR COmPUTER!! Time to play catch up now on emails/comments.....

Girls clothing sz6 and 10/12

Per the request of
 I am posting pictures of girls clothing I have available. Caitlin has grown out of so much and I keep it all to resell on Ebay but my stack is getting out of control!!  So if you are interested in something name a price and its yours. If someone is interested in seeing something in a different size, I have girls and womans and shoes.
Consider this an online yard sale ;) Shipping will depend on weight of course.
Picture intensive behind the cut. (some you can click for a bigger picture)
sz 10

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Sitting here on my bum taking full advantage of my day off. I am going to do NOTHING today. Well not until later anyways.
I am going to tackle my kitchen this afternoon. I have a shelf above my cabinets that has bottles, wine glasses and other nick knacks that need a good dusting. I want to clean out and organize my cabinets too. I want to wash my car too.  For now I am going to play online and enjoy my pizza that just arrived.
In your home, do you have a room or theme that you like or that you say to yourself when I get $ I want to decorate it like this..... or that?
For a few years now, I have been stuck on the tuscan theme. I want my kitchen/dining area to be tuscan.
I am "window shopping" on Ebay.
I love this wallpaper!!!
Here is the
link on Ebay to "Tuscan" Stuff for those that are saying what the heck does Tuscan stuff look like?

Caity went to the movies with Gabby to see Hairspray. She said it was really good. They also went to see Harry Potter during the week and of course, she liked that one too. I won't go see it until I read the book.

School starts back in a month. I went to CVS and Caity got school supplies in a tune of $100.56 - Ouch! I mentioned this to James and he offered to send me $500 but I couldn't accept it. I have this pride thing.... we did come to an agreement that I will let him pay for Caity's soccer camp for a week and reimburse me for the school supplies. Also, he is on a hunt for a "pink" back pack and Bratz Fashion Fever Furniture today....LOL

Does anybody play Webkinz or do there little ones play it?

BPAL - If anyone has a decant or even a 1/4 decant of: Aziraphale, Crowley, Tristan or the Witch Queen I will swap generously for them!!!

I am having the painting itch and have been pushing it aside trying to finish things up around here. Yesterday, I wanted to paint the walls which is silly because I am not going to be here long. Must.... paint..... soon.

Question....I have entire room that is storing stuff to put on Ebay. Mainly clothes- womens, juniors and girls. Would anybody be interested in seeing some things? I literally will take whatever you offer me. For the girls it might be quite helpful with back to school shopping. Let me know and I can either post pictures or email them to you. I have womens  sizes from 0-14. Juniors s,m and L. Girls 6-14. Shoes different sizes. Beauty/Hair products. If not, I will toss them on Ebay. Figure I would give you guys first dibs!